Law Firm Services

My firm is committed to excellence. The areas of practice include commercial transactions, family law, probate and civil litigation.

Being in practice for over 15 years, I have taken on cases that have touched all areas of the law.

Specifically my firm likes to focus on contracts and other commercial transactions.

Most of my clients are small business owners who need an attorney to counsel them for closings and dealing with government agencies.

Family law is an area that has grown over the years due to the community work I do with families in crisis. The personal skills needed to resolved highly emotion issues are critical is what I value in any attorney.

As a result of being appointed by local judges as attorney ad litem for a number of cases and probating estates with and without a will, probate law is an area that my firm continues to serve. It is an area where families are most unaware of the legal impact if family members pass away intestate (without a will).